Creators of tantalising imagery to tickle your tastebuds...


As art directors and photographers, we strive to use pattern and colour to create dream-like scenarios to grab and hold your attention. Taking inspiration from Surrealism, we offer a fresh and unique take on still-life photography.

With a hands-on approach, we enter our own world on set and work instinctively to produce images of a playful nature. 

Our projects range from eccentric still-life photography to sensual foodie shots to fashion and beauty work, always with a CG twist! Our images are so dreamy that you'll want to pinch yourself to realise what's before your eyes!




Collaborative in name (C&G, duh!), collaborative in nature, we love working together and tackling creative problems as a team.


We're always on the hunt to expand our collaboration portfolio, so if you're a fellow creative we want to work with you! Slide into our DMs...


Crown Gewelz' OJ was selected to be featured in Shutterhub's Yearbook 2020 exhibition!


SpiltMilk Mag. Issue #2 - Photographs from 'Misunderstood Brunch' were featured on the cover and a double-page spread.